Coop Pank Coop Pank

Coop Pank

New office in Skyon highrise tower

The head office of Coop Bank is located on ten floors of the Skyon office building. There is a customer service area on the ground floor, which is easily accessible from the street. On the first floor there are rooms intended for meetings with clients as well as staff meetings.

The interior architecture solution ensures a technically and visually functional working environment. The rooms are practical, dignified and friendly. 

Special attention has been paid to linking the structure of the facade with the design of the interior spaces. The triangular windows are of various sizes and form a beautiful structure along the entire length of the walls. It was a challenge to retain this visual integrity in the interior spaces including those divided into smaller offices. The solution was to make all the office walls out of glass and cover them with specially printed graduated matt film. This solution ensures maximum transparency while providing sufficient privacy in the offices.

Special ceiling elements based on the geometry of the building’s facade have been designed as the acoustic solution in the office areas.

Maakri 30, Tallinn
Coop Pank
September 2021
4500 m2
Tallinna Ehitustrust
Maia Grimitliht, Kaur Stöör, Raivo Kotov
Interior architects
Liis Lindvere, Raili Paling, Liina Kittask
Terrace Landscape Architect
Eleriin Tekko
Office. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel Office. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
Office. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel

Each floor is clearly distinct from the others, but part of a unified design concept. A separate colour palette based on aspects of Estonia’s natural environment have been developed for each floor. Each floor represents one of five themes – forest, juniper grove, bog, reed-bed and coastal area. To create a cosy and more homely atmosphere, prints of animals, birds, insects, amphibians and plants in fine black frames hang on the walls, inviting visitors and bank employees to ponder, discover and contemplate nature. 


Ground, fifth and tenth floor plan Ground, fifth and tenth floor plan
Ground, fifth and tenth floor plan
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