Dubai EXPO 2020 Estonian Pavilion Dubai EXPO 2020 Estonian Pavilion

Dubai EXPO 2020 Estonian Pavilion

Estonia at World Exposition in UAE

Attended by 192 countries, EXPO2020 Dubai was the largest world exhibition in history. The Estonian national pavilion located in the Mobility theme area was dedicated to the main values in creating a digital society and sharing the experience with other countries.

The visual concept of the Estonian pavilion was Nordic and crisp. The facade was covered with blue – the colour of digitality – and slogans made using neon tubes.

The main floor was dedicated to the digital Estonia installation. The mirrored walls created the impression of an infinite galaxy of illuminated spheres. The spheres of light represented digital Estonia’s services and applications, and their infinite spinoffs. The mirrors had screens with stories about Estonian innovation, education and nature. Visitors walked along a winding path through the pavilion, at the end of which was the Taste Estonia restaurant and Yanu bar with a robotic arm. With the aid of augmented reality, Visitestonia offered an opportunity to meet a family of Estonian bears.

On the first floor, there was a conference hall, a business exposition room, lounges and working areas. After EXPO ended, the building was turned into offices and a services area. It is planned that the pavilion will be used by Estonian companies, and there will also be a restaurant.

Foundation of Estonian Section at EXPO 2020 Dubai
Invited competition
2019, 1st Prize
Net area
820 m2
Facade, interior and exhibition design
Andrus Kõresaar, Lilian Männikust, Liis Lindvere
Motor, Beauty Sky Services
Exhibition Exhibition
Exhibition Exhibition
Exhibition Exhibition
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