Noblessner Residences Noblessner Residences
Starboard into the wind

Noblessner Residences

Apartment buildings by the harbour

Port Noblessner was established before World War I for constructing submarines. Today, the former production area has been transformed into an open seafront neighbourhood. In a short time, the area has gained a promenade, sea view apartments, cafes and restaurants, the Kai Art Center and the Proto Invention Factory. Old buildings have been given a new use and there is a steady inflow of life.

The Vesilennuki houses are located at the edge of the slipway park with their bows to the sea. The buildings are a continuation of the forms of the shipbuilding era. The structure and aesthetic quality of the buildings are rooted in the idea of lightness. The floors form discrete sections, with long balconies protruding above the slipway park. Despite the cool breezy seaside climate, the sea itself evokes sublime emotions. The balconies bring residents closer to the sea, directly into the sun, wind and storm. Each was cast in different length to achieve a floating, light-filled impression.

The materials used in the building’s facade also support the architectural idea of lightness. The starkly clear horizontal lines of light limestone are interspersed with an alternating rhythm of windows and aluminium wall sections in muted champagne. The balcony support pillars are made of white-painted steel, while the railings have been fashioned in minimalist glass. Typically for the buildings in the area, the facades are finished in a warm range of tones. 

Behind the striking exterior of the buildings lies a simple structure. Commercial premises of different sizes make up the ground floor, suitable for use as restaurants, cafes and shops. The rest of the building, floors one through five, house apartments, and the top floor has been set back on all sides. Parking is available on an underground level.

Merko Ehitus
Invited competition
2019, 1. place
25 400 m2
Raivo Kotov, Lembit-Kaur Stöör, Andrus Kõresaar, Anni Haldre, Anu Ahi, Xenia Sooniste
Landscape architects:
Eleriin Tekko, Katri Soonberg, Elina Koel
Merko Ehitus
Terraces Terraces
View from North View from North
View from North
3D scheme 3D scheme
3D scheme
3D section 3D section
3D section
Ground, fourth and fifth floor plan Ground, fourth and fifth floor plan
Ground, fourth and fifth floor plan
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