VOLTA Residences VOLTA Residences

VOLTA Residences

6 apartment buildings in an old industrial area

Volta residences are located in the pop Kalamaja area, where the medieval fishing village has become a desirable living environment today. Both the Noblessner marina and the sea, as well as the historic Old Town of Tallinn, are within walking distance. In addition, the Kalamaja park is located in the immediate vicinity of the block, which allows you to walk in the greenery without leaving the neighborhood.

Industry is rapidly leaving the Volta quarter, historically known for its factory buildings, and low-value industrial buildings are getting a new lease of life as apartment buildings and commercial buildings. Thus, Tallinn's most stylish living and business quarters are growing at a fast pace, where life and events take place 24/7

The image of the buildings has drawn inspiration from the surrounding environment. In this way, the industrial architecture of the tsarist era with a long history is noticeably reflected in the Volta quarter. At the same time, the balancing trends are pervasive minimalism and dark tonality. The buildings are also structurally clear and rational.

Metropoli Ehitus
17 300 m2
Raivo Kotov, Lembit-Kaur Stöör, Ingrid Viskus, Andrus Kõresaar, Lera Mikhailova
Interior architects
Raili Paling, Carolyn Rennu
Metropoli Ehitus
Birdview from South Birdview from South
Birdview from South

Buildings with a new look look faithful in the environment of already renovated apartment buildings and also existing industrial architecture. In addition to concrete, steel and glass, details referring to industry also help to create character for buildings.

According to the modern living environment, as many balconies as possible have been planned, which as a whole have been inspired by the lattice structure, which visually works well together with the milieu of the quarter.

Thanks to its abundance, the balcony truss creates an important addition and volumetric detail to the building, at the same time allowing the residents to enjoy being outside and making the apartments significantly larger in the summer.

The park within the block also plays an important role in the Volta residences. A modern building with semi-private courtyard areas, which are connected to the central public park, will be built along the park.

The space between the buildings is left for pedestrian connections between the park and the inner street.

The courtyard is accessible by car in an emergency, but it is planned so that it is still a car-free area in normal life.

Participating in the fast growth of the ambitious quarter is an important project for KOKO, and Volta's development has a clear goal of being the uncompromising best choice for a living environment in Tallinn.

View to the black house View to the black house
View to the black house
Evening of the white house Evening of the white house
Evening of the white house
Apartment interior Apartment interior
Apartment interior
3D scheme 3D scheme
3D scheme
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