Villa Marihein Villa Marihein

Villa Marihein

Private residence near Tallinn

The most inspiring aspect in creating the architecture of the building was the surrounding nature. The volume of the building is based on the Suurupi cliff - the dynamics of the sandstone layers, their fracture, and stratification have been abstractly transferred to the form of the building and the surrounding landscape. The building is like a rectangular prism-shaped cliff, which is losing its clear shape. The main characteristics of the design language are fractures, steps, and incisions.

The internal structure of the building consists of open spaces and solid, strong pieces that form the structural backbone of the building. The open, flowing space is surrounded by a glass facade, highlighting the internal voids of the building. The glass facades on the 1st floor are open on all sides - in warm weather, it is possible to open the perimeter of the building and expand the use of space to the surrounding stepped terraces. The beauty of the surrounding nature is perceptible at every point in the house. The solid parts of the building facade are covered in black natural stone. Natural materials dominate the interiors: wood, stone, glass, and textiles.

North Coast of Estonia
January 2022
Neto size
600 m2
Lembit-Kaur Stöör, Andrus Kõresaar, Ljudmilla Georgijeva
Interior architects
Marilin Hein, KOKO architects / Liis Lindvere (consultant)
Landscape Architect
Merilen Mentaal

The 1st floor of the building is divided into two parts. To the left of the central entrance and staircase hall, the kitchen, living, and dining rooms are located on the sunny side, and to the right, there is a wardrobe, toilet, guest room, and a small home spa with a separate entrance, which includes various saunas and a pool. The staircase in the living room's airspace leads to the 2nd-floor gallery, which includes an open library and studio. To the right of the studio space is a larger bedroom with a wardrobe and bathroom with a toilet and workspace. On the left-wing, adjacent to the library and atrium, are three bedrooms with bathrooms.

The partially underground floor of the building includes a garage, storage room, technical room, utility room, toilet, and home cinema. The staircase hall provides direct access to the backyard.

View from courtyard. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel View from courtyard. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
View from courtyard. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
Garden. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel Garden. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
Garden. Photo: Tõnu Tunnel
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