350 apartments in a comprehensively designed green residential area near Tallinn

Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Client: Koger & Partnerid
Invited competition: 2004, 1st prize
Built: 2007–2011
Size: 35,000 m2

The Kuldala Quarter is located in Tallinn in the vicinity of the airport. The idea behind the design competition held for the quarter was to maintain the birch forest located on the site as much as possible, and therefore, the 27 apartment buildings have been placed around the forest, on the periphery of the plot. There are seven different building types and these are placed in a row randomly forming a U-shaped row of buildings, which is 1,600 metres in length.

The section of the building that faces the street is taller, up to four stories high and partitioned using large terraces, and the section of the plot that faces the park resembles terraced houses and is up to two stories high. The spacious inner courtyards formed between the buildings include plants, playgrounds, benches and gallery staircases, which lead to the apartment buildings facing the street. Pathways that run between the buildings lead away into the birch forest and along sidewalks and light traffic roads in the middle of the quarter. The compact buildings create a diverse living environment with city-like density, but also provide private courtyards and terraces around the central park. The flexible open-plan apartments allow families to arrange their rooms according to their preference for a particular aspect or view. Parking is partly organized under the buildings, close to the storage rooms.

The buildings are built from reinforced concrete elements and range between various tones of red.