Seaside private house near Tallinn that blends with its natural surroundings

Rohuneeme, Estonia
Client: Private
Commission: 2004
Completed: 2008
Size: 350 m2

Rohuneeme village is located on the northern coast of Estonia about 15 km from Tallinn city centre. The village, which is named after the green cape (neem) that juts out into the sea, was first mentioned in 1375.
The two-storey timber frame house with flat roof has been placed in the natural surroundings in order to preserve the existing landscape as much as possible. The goal of the architectural solution was to open the building up to the sunlight and seaside views as much as possible. Large windows and a smaller first floor with spacious roof terraces help achieve that goal.

The house is characterised by a functionally clear and logical floor plan and simple form. The kitchen, living room, sitting room with fireplace, sauna complex and pool, garage and other auxiliary rooms are situated on the ground floor, and the library and bedrooms with bathrooms are situated on the first floor. The exterior finish uses bright white glass and wood panelling that has been painted black.