A hotel and spa with 190 rooms in the famous resort town of Jūrmala near Riga

Location: Jūrmala, Latvia
Client: Ärimaja AS
Commission: 2004
Completed: 2005
Size: 21,000 m2   

Ju-rmala spa hotel is the tallest and most distinguished building in the seaside resort town of Ju-rmala, which is located near Riga. The ruins of the hotel building, which were left uncompleted at the end of the Soviet era damaged the milieu of the resort town, and therefore, a decision was made to reconstruct it into a spa hotel. The result is a family hotel and holiday complex with a leisure centre, a conference centre, a beauty and treatment centre and a restaurant among other things. The leisure centre is divided into a quiet spa and an aquatic centre with attractions and pools.

The motif for the logo, which is inspired by the Ancient Greek wave pattern, can be found in the carpets, furniture furnishings and elsewhere in the graphics. The leisure centre has the timeless atmosphere of the tropics. The interior of the spa uses a wide selection of natural materials such as slate, bamboo and pebbles.