Paldiski mnt 125

Old, decaying buildings are not that extraordinary a sight – that is, except along Tallinn’s busiest traffic arteries. New and larger office buildings now line Paldiski maantee on both sides; for this reason, house number 125 – an office building built in the 1980s – seemed a bit out of place.

KOKO Architects approached the issue by giving the old building a new look and refreshing its interior. First, we brought out a clearer architectonic motif – the 4-storey main building. The building’s current primary function – office space – has been preserved and it also serves as the point of departure of this solution. To admit the maximum amount of light and give the building a more modern, sleeker appearance, we replaced the ribbon windows in the north with a black metal framed glass facade, while jalousies screen the glass surfaces from the sun on the southern exposure.

A new building unit was added above the main entrance. It clearly demarcates the entrance and also helps divide into segments what would otherwise be a one-dimensional box. The new parts of the building rise higher than the old building’s roofline, ensuring access to the roof itself, where office workers can enjoy a view of the sea over a forest stand.