Pikksilma Office

Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Client: Arealis AS
Invited architecture competition: 2015, 2nd prize
Size: 7,800 m2


In the near future, Reidi tee will be a new hive of activity, a dense urban space will develop due to great access and proximity to the city centre. The new office building is designed for the old harbour and beach area waiting for the buzz of life. The Pikksilma office building is situated between larger houses and homogeneous quarters; therefore, one of the most important challenges in this project was to differentiate the building from the surrounding context.

KOKOs solution was to create a ground floor that is appealing in terms of architecture as well as function: the upper ground floor, besides the office building’s lobby, also includes semi-public functions like a café, sports club and so on. The interior and exterior architecture of the office building, as the main function, derive inspiration from the history of the building site, reflecting ship sails in the golden colour scheme but also in the balconies, which intersect and protrude from the main volume.