30-storey business and residential building in the heart of Tallinn

Client: EBS Campus OÜ
Commission: 2014
Size: 39,000 m2

At 3 A. Lauteri Street stands a building that was completed in 1956. It is part of a Stalinist ensemble of buildings and now houses the oldest business school in the Baltic States – the Estonian Business School. Towards the south-west of this building is a noteworthy example of Stalinist town planning, which extends from the Estonian National Opera Theatre to the Olümpia Hotel and comprises an urban ensemble of well ordered buildings laid out on a grid. Towards the east is Tallinn’s central business district – a developing area of existing high-rise buildings with others under construction.

The new building currently being designed will become a striking and attractive landmark that can be seen from all directions. The design was inspired by the lines that emphasise verticality, that are typical of high-rise buildings. The volumes of the buildings, with their differing facades, are positioned off-centre in relation to one another to create a distinctive appearance and a unified whole. The materials used on the facades are as transparent as possible and add a lightness to the building, as well as providing fantastic views from all the windows.

The building both physically and functionally is divided into two. The first is a lower five-storey section with a two-storey underground parking area. The ground floor has areas designated for commercial use, the EBS auditorium, and main entranceway to the high-rise section. The roof of the lower section will have a sunny roof garden with a children’s playground.

The high-rise part of the building will have apartments on the 6th to 29th floors. Because this building will be on the edge of the high-rise district of Tallinn, from one side of the building there will be views of Tallinn’s UNESCO protected Old Town, as well as Tallinn Bay. From the other side, the building looks onto the existing and planned high-rise buildings of the Maakri quarter.