A black beehive in the historic quarter of Tallinn’s paper industry

Tallinn, Estonia
Client: Zelluloosi Kinnisvara AS
Commission: 2014
Size: 20,000 m2

The Tselluloos quarter is located between Tallinn city centre and Ülemiste City on the area of the former cellulose and paper factory. Some of the buildings dating from the early twentieth century are valued as characteristic industrial buildings. The general planning of the city designates this area as a mixed business area with high-rises. The long-term aim is to shape the Tselluloos quarter into a multifunctional centre.
The building located on the plot of the former wood storage of the paper factory has been designed within the dimensions of the general plan: a narrow 15-storey tower and a wider 4-storey lower section. The architectural sketch presents a solution for an office building as well as a 150-room hotel.

The facades have been designed with a characteristic experimental approach typical of such a quarter by combining contemporary architecture with historical factory buildings. Diamond-shaped windows are the main motif. The elements are positioned partly at the height of several floors, but also partly follow the height of typical floors. The sunshades for the windows create a system of protruding spearheads on the facade. The mute section of the facade is planned in two dark shades supporting its volume and the shape of the sunscreens visually.

The building is divided into three functional sections. The ground floor includes the lobby and retail spaces for cafes, shops and services. With this retail function the quarter will become a more active urban space. The 4-storey lower section of the building will have office spaces, and the 5th to 15th floors in the vertical narrow section have been planned as offices or alternatively as a hotel.