An original high-rise in Tallinn City

Tallinn, Estonia
Client: Logoner AS
Invited competition: 2009
Size: 42,000m2

Tallinn city centre has seen rapid changes since the beginning of this century. As it is a heritage protected area the planners of new high-rises have to consider the architectural heritage of the quarter. The design presented by KOKO architects questions the somewhat out-dated general plan, values public space and offers new solutions for a smoother movement of people and cars.

The design of the 30-storey high-rise takes into consideration the surrounding high-rise buildings. As the neighbouring high-rises are mostly dark discreet serious buildings with glass facades, the new building is designed using light concrete and whitened glass. In order to fit in with the surrounding high-rises, the shape of the new building is kept simple.

The facade creates interaction between the interior of the building and the street space. Vertical ovals reaching through two floors create a rhythm of openings. The elevators and stairs are located in the centre of the building.

To bring the courtyard and internal spaces of the quarter to life and extend the time people spend outdoors, the courtyard will be used as an atrium that creates a core for the surrounding buildings. All buildings will open up towards the atrium, which has greenery, a cafe and escalators. The floor of the atrium is covered with paving stones. In front of the building there will be a square covered with stone parquet and small sculptures, hedges and benches.